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Lichee Children’s Toys are hand made from sustainable recycled timber in Vietnam. The timber used is mainly from the lychee tree hence the name of the toys. When the lychee trees in the orchard are no longer producing high amounts of produce they are taken out and replanted with new trees. The old trees are then used to make the toys. There are also some Acacia trees and other fruit & nut trees used in making the blocks. The tongue and groove boards are made from surplus timber. They are very eco friendly toys.

Each piece is handmade so there are variations on every toy. This makes them unique and individual. They are great heirloom pieces!

The factory where the toys are made employs people from the local village where the factory is located. The factory operates under FAIR TRADE conditions and there are no children working there and workers are paid well.  They are like a second family to us as we make many visits there each year.

All of the toys are finished with toxic free, child safe finishes and & PVA glue with sawdust is used as a filler. We only use natural oils to maintain the wood. The recommended age group is 3+.

The Toys are designed by the factory owner and myself.   I found a real demand in Australia for handmade wooden toys as teachers and parents are tired of the mass produced plastic toys available. There is a criteria needed in education that these toys provide. The preschool market is very big in Australia so we designed toys to meet this market as well as the home market.

The toys are designed with the philosophy of Rudolf Steiner. Steiner teaches that children should use their imagination and play with natural, earthy toys. The gnomes, elves and fairies have no faces so that the children can express themselves. Toys made from timber convey texture and warmth to play and bring children in touch with nature. Children learn through play and play reflects what children already know, observe and have tried. It is important for children to play with toys that are simple and unsophisticated so that their creative impulse is awakened. These early play experiences will reflect later in life in the way that they think and apply themselves. This a valued Steiner process of play and thought.

Lichee Childrens Toys are product tested & complies with:

ASTM F 963 - Toy Safety

EN71-1,2,3 Toy Safety

CARB - for Green Manufacture

CPSA - for material content

CONEG - for packing safety

Recycled Product & Packaging

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