Kevin Williams

Kevin is a descendant of the Waradjuri and was born in Narrandera NSW.  As a young boy he learnt the skills of making Boomerangs from his Father & Grandfather.  His interest in painting started when he was very young as he would sit & watch his Mother paint.

Over the years, he has developed the ability to capture the natural characteristics of the land, native Australian animals and the environment & combine them together with the Markings & Symbols of the Waradjuri. 

His art is modern contemporary, incorporating the Symbols & Markings from his Culture & Heritage.  These Markings & Symbols relate specifically to the Waradjuri and where Kevin was raised, in a tent as a child at the Narrandera & Warangesda Mission at Darlington Point, NSW, on the Murrumbidgee River.  Interestingly, in this area was the largest Bora (Ceremonial) Ground ever recorded.  At Darlington Point, the Bora Grounds are connected by a 500m pathway and along this pathway are Ground & Tree Carvings with Totemic Symbols, Markings & the Animals significant to the Waradjuri.  It is these Bora Ground Tree Carvings that strongly influence his work today.  These images are his connection to his Nguurrangbang (Waradjuri for "My Land, My Country, My Place of Birth) and are his inspiration & muse.